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Young married girls for sex chat

The site insists it is only for those aged 13 and over — but no proof of age is required to join.It takes just seconds to register an account, after which users can start broadcasting their own live videos — known as ‘live streaming’ — or watch others doing the same.The amount of money they receive is dictated by a fluctuating exchange rate set by, but 40,000 virtual gifts can be worth in the region of £150 — an incentive to win as many viewers as possible.The app’s homepage contains pictures of wholesome-looking teenagers blowing bubbles or skateboarding, and is festooned with love-hearts and pandas.It is this situation, combined with the natural desire of the young to be in within their peer group, and the lure of easy fame and money, that makes live-streaming so popular — and such a fertile hunting-ground for those with less-than-innocent intentions.It is paradise for those who in the real world would not be allowed within 100 yards of a school or playground but who online find themselves with a free pass to access all areas.

It can be downloaded for free by anyone with a smartphone.

To an uninitiated, naive or inexperienced user — such as a child with their first smartphone, or a parent not au fait with the latest technology — it could easily be mistaken for a harmless environment in which to find new friends. Look more closely and you will find that many of the live streams feature very young girls dressing and behaving extremely provocatively, urged by their viewers to perform increasingly sexualised acts.

The Lolita-esque nature of the content is deeply disturbing. They dress in skimpy shorts and tiny crop tops; their rooms, by contrast, are adorned with fairy lights and posters, teddy bears and fluffy cushions.

Their questions and comments flash up as text at the bottom of the screen.‘I’m getting melty when I look at your magical eyes,’ says one typed comment, to which she replies by talking directly to the camera: ‘Thank you, I love you too.’Another: ‘Any guy would be lucky to have you’; ‘Do you have a boyfriend? One follower, named ‘lover boy’, calls her ‘sweet, sexy, lovable’ in a written comment that appears on her screen.

’‘No,’ she says, in a clipped Home Counties accent. In Newcastle, a youngster dressed in black with a pierced nose has her face pressed up close to the screen. ‘Some bloke wants to see my feet,’ she says to the camera.‘Pervert,’ shouts another young voice, belonging to someone out of shot.‘Oh man, that is so gross,’ the girl says, sticking out her tongue to reveal several piercings.

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Police are now so worried, they are routinely describing the situation as a ‘feeding frenzy’ for paedophiles.