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And now, we have the ultimate guide to the cutie's love life.Here we go: He has spoken about this before, but he made it clear once and for all that he's only ever had one girlfriend.Proof: A few months later, Bryant posted on his Snapchat story a ~shirtless~ photo of Cameron. So okay, this doesn't prove anything really because it was Bryant who took this pic and Cameron's phone just so happened to be strategically placed in his hand so we would be able to see the background.

They did a photo shoot together for their mutual good friend, photographer Bryant Eslava in May of 2017 that completely proved they not only would make a gorgeous couple, but they really do have such great chemistry together.

"Cameron and I are in the same You Tube network and our network was just looking for people to collab with.

That day of the video, we had never met before, I had been speaking to his manages and stuff to plan the video, but we had never talked about anything," she shared in the video.

Dallas in their lives, it's his phone everyone can't stop looking at. Cameron then took to Twitter to let everyone know he had since changed his lock screen after all this hoopla to a dog, so perhaps they were just messing with us all and love wasn't in the air for the pair after all.

Rumors started swirling that something was going on between Sofia and Cameron after they really hit it off at Milan Fashion Week in 2016 and Cam was seen on Sof's Snapchat story hanging out at her house with all their friends quite a few times.

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The identity of Cameron Dallas' girlfriend and his love life, in general, is a hot topic his loyal fans need to know about.

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