Online dating australia asian century

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Online dating australia asian century

In 1899 he noted that the argument for the coasts of Australia having been reached early in the 16th century rested almost entirely on the supposition that at that time, "a certain unknown map-maker drew a large land, with indications of definite knowledge of its coasts, in the quarter of the globe in which Australia is placed".

All told, SPN has posted links to 2,312 studies and generated a total of 1,219,601 visits to these studies (an average of 229 visits per study for links posted in the past month).In January 2014, a New York Gallery listed a sixteenth-century Portuguese manuscript for sale, one page of which contained marginalia of an unidentified animal that the Gallery suggested might be a kangaroo. Martin Woods of the National Library of Australia commented: "The likeness of the animal to a kangaroo or wallaby is clear enough, but then it could be another animal in south-east Asia, like any number of deer species....For now, unfortunately the appearance of a long-eared big-footed animal in a manuscript doesn't really add much." Other texts originating from the same era represent a land to the south of New Guinea, with a variety of flora and fauna.He added: "The difficulty, of course, has been to account for this map in any other way". Richardson argues that Jave la Grande as it appears on the Dieppe world maps is at least partly based on Portuguese sources that no longer exist.The delineation of Japan in the Dieppe maps, the insertion in them of an Isle des Géants in the southern Indian Ocean, and of Catigara on the west coast of South America, and in their later versions the depiction of a fictitious coast-line of a southern continent with numerous bays and rivers, showed the slight reliance to be placed on them with respect to outlying parts of the world and the influence still exercised on their makers by the old writers". Mc Intyre attributed discrepancies between the Jave la Grande coastline and Australia's to the difficulties of accurately recording positions without a reliable method of determining longitude, and the techniques used to convert maps to different projections.

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Mc Intyre's book was reprinted in an abridged paperback edition in 1982 and again in 1987 In 1987, the Australian Minister for Science, Barry Jones, launching the Second Mahogany Ship Symposium in Warrnambool, said "I read Kenneth Mc Intyre's important book... In 1994, Mc Intyre expressed pleasure that his theory was gaining acceptance in Australia: "It is gradually seeping through. it has been on the school syllabus, and therefore students have... Speaking in 1982, Kenneth Mc Intyre described the Dieppe maps as "the only evidence of Portuguese discovery of Eastern Australia". In 1994, Mc Intyre suggested that the writings of Pedro Nunes supported his interpretation of the distortion that occurred on the Dieppe Maps.

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