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Dating a cocky guy

If someone acts like the devil may care to me I move on figuring this person is not into me and if you were playing a game oh well your loss. I am "leading these guys on" because I did not have sex with them after s few dates. Cheekychick, Zekestone- Because I would date a guy for a few months without having sex with him, it means we are not "going anywhere"..? Things were going really well till he started acting so full of himself. Ok we aren't talking about the vigin mary here zeke..If it takes having sex with me before you really know me.. but think about itwhat does it say about a guy who is willing to wait around a few months for sex?send him to the happy hunting ground because obviously he isn't able to close.Some one who knows what they are doing would move on.When I was young I was respectful and polite towards women all the time and it NEVER worked.As I became older, I gave up on this and starting treating women with a "Who cares" attitude. I am busy, I will call you when I get time, You may want me to be your boyfriend but we are just dating casually etc.I am Christian, and Methodist, but I sure didn't make my boyfriend wait forever for a little nookie...hell, I wanted him so much it was hard to keep myself in check! When men get cake shoved under their noses and are never allowed to take a bite, they get a bit cranky and frustrated.

Read it carefully and you will find plenty of great examples of how to attract humor, confidence and the cocky-funny attitude in action from both sides : Her: It looks like your photo was taken at high-school.

If you are holding out for marriage, fine, but six weeks in a monogamous relationship is certainly long enough to hold out on the lovin. When men get cake shoved under their noses and are never allowed to take a bite, they get a bit cranky and frustrated. Cheeky Chick, it seems you are only interested in being a tease.

It takes a lot of caring for a man to wait that long, and you were pretty lucky he didn't dump you for a woman who was much more willing to show him some affection. Quit blaming every man for what obviously is caused by your own unwillingness to give them the validation and love they crave. Nick said: "The method is: You act confident and not particularly interested in a woman from the moment you meet them. All the guys that say it works are deluded because they approach women who aren't intelligent or have no dignity then get all high on themselves when one out of ten idiots falls for it. It sounds to me like these guys are just acting out because you obviously aren't giving them the validation in their attractiveness and sexiness that they crave. It might be worth a little introspection to find out why that is?

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Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...

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Your profile pics do not look like you are the type to hold out for marriage, so how do you expect the guys who ask you out to know that you are sexually off-limits?