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Launched to the public in 1980, the CB simulator capitalized on the explosive (if short-lived) popularity of citizen's band radio culture in American country music and movies [source: PC Magazine].

Users could exchange real-time messages (loaded with lots of CB slang) on 40 different channels, which later evolved into the concept of rooms.

An added bonus is easy access to the website and the bp Magazine – one of THE BEST bipolar disorder information resources available!

This is another supportive and knowledgeable community where you can also enjoy some other cool site features along with online bipolar chat.

This includes a message board that is open to all ages, and which also has a “Teen Talk” forum.

There are also links to 3 chat rooms suitable for under 18s with no adult chat.

However, it would be irresponsible not to point out some of the possible drawbacks.

A very cool feature is that they provide much needed resources for young people.The combination of a light, personal touch with so much useful info is unique in bipolar chat room land. Note that there is an expectation that users are actively following a treatment plan and have a commitment to staying well.Some people are looking for more personal, one-on-one connections.Elsewhere I have gone into details about my own manic binge with cybersex and adult chat.Frankly, this can happen in any online chat room – that means a bipolar chat room as well.

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) Be aware of how vulnerable we are to any activities that have a compulsive edge and PLEASE – while it is sensible to reach out through chat for connection and support – DO NOT do anything that is counter-productive or even self-destructive. The Internet can provide a fantastic amount of information and support.

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